Meet the Team


Many people make up our team, and everyone plays a crucial part. Meet every member of the TeraViks and learn what they specialize in.


Joined 2019

Ainsley is a key part of the marketing and graphics team. She joined this year but observed the team as they worked last year. She hopes to improve the team’s social outreach.


Joined 2020

Alex is a first year member. He observed his older brothers Joe and Conner working in the shops last year.


Joined 2018

Blake designed last year’s hatch mechanism, and is building and designing this year as well.  He is an expert at CAD and in the shop. This year he is the head of the build team.


Joined 2018

Connor’s specialty is building and fabricating. He will be working on building the robot this year.


Joined 2020

Evan participated in our robotics camp last summer. He is into coding and is helping with the build and design stages of the robot.


Joined 2018

Gabriel is a designer, and built components of the drive system last year. This year he has become part of the marketing team as well.


Joined 2018

George is an engineer and helps finalize designs. Last year he was a big part of the hatch and ball pick-up mechanism designs, as well as a builder for the swerve drive.


Joined 2019

Hudson is a first year member. He is our team photographer, as well as a machinist and designer. His energy and enthusiasm keeps our team in high spirits.


Joined 2017

Joe was on the build team last year and moved to code team this year, of which he is now leading. However, he still enjoys helping with the construction of the robot, especially when it needs repairs at competition.


Joined 2018

Jonathan works in the machine shop, and is always thinking up new designs. He fabricated the drive system for last year’s robot. This year he’s designing the swerve drive.


Joined 2017

Killian is a jack of almost all trades. It is his third year on the team, and he has worked on code, building, and now electrical teams. He is also learning CAD. His experience from past years at competitions is invaluable to the team.


Joined 2018

Miranda is pursuing how to use code and power tools to be able to help the team in as many ways as possible. She is also the head of this year’s marketing team.


Joined 2019

Sophia is hoping to expand her knowledge in robotics and is starting her first year on the team. She has dabbled in robotics in the past and plans to develop her skills and understanding of the sport.


Joined 2019

Sophie is polishing her coding skills in order to fill the gap in our coding team left by last year’s seniors. She also pitches in with the marketing team with her experience in Illustrator.


Joined 2020

Taylor is a first year member. He is currently helping with design and build to learn robot skills. He has FIRST experience from FLL and is excited for this new experience.



Mentoring since 2020

This is Alex’s first year mentoring our team, but he has mentored other teams in the past. He helps the build and strategy teams. He was a cardiologist, so has a great understanding of electrical systems!


Mentoring since 2018

Brock acts a mentor for project management and outreach.  He helped implement a new scouting system to give better analysis for strategies in competitions.


Mentoring since 2014

Craig helps oversee our electronics team. He is also responsible for providing doughnuts during build season: a very important job.


Mentoring since 2018

Dack guided our team in writing the code for our trailblazing swerve drive technology, along with other parts of our robot. He mentors the coding team and is always solving the problem that no one else can figure out!


Mentoring since 2010

Marty has been a mentor for eight years now. He never ceases to inspire the best in us. His patience is everlasting and he is always willing to help.


Mentoring since 2012

Mat is our mojo man. He keeps the team on track with reality checks and whiteboard acronyms. His legendary motivational speeches are a must, whether we’re at Gizmo or at competition.


Mentoring since 2019

Mike is an experienced electrician and driver, and is just graduated from the team last year. This is his first year of mentoring, and he is looking forward to it.


Mentoring since 2016

Ryan started on the team during the 2016 pre-season and played many different roles on the drive team during the 2017-2019 seasons. This season, he is a mentor and field coach.