Our Sponsors

Our team is so grateful for all of our current and previous sponsors. Our team would not be where we are now without you! We cannot test, construct, or go to competitions if weren't for our generous sponsors! Thank you so much to our individual, corporate, and non-monetary sponsors for supporting our team, and allowing us to do what we love!

Corporate Sponsors

This year IDAHO STEM Action Center, Nasa, Boeing, and FIRST Idaho Robotics have played significant roles in kickstarting our FRC season. They have helped our team gather the necessary resources and cover the expensive competition fees needed to participate in the 2022-3 FRC season.

Non-Monetary Sponsors

Similar to in the previous years of the TeraViks, The GIZMO Center in downtown CDA has graciously provided a space for our team to work, and granted us access to tools and machines in their amazing Makerspace Facilities.
An additional thanks to Skookum and WELD IT! for their amazing fabrication services.

Past Sponsors

Corporate Sponsors

Individual Sponsors

  • Annis Young

  • Ron & Dolly Busch

  • Herb & Pamela Byerly

  • Robert & Sherre Clerf