Team Update

Our team is very sad about the season being suspended. We are continuing to build our bot and hope to compete with it in the near future. We wish all teams well and hope that everyone stays in good health.
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Test Drive

We took the bot on its first fully functioning test drive this past weekend. We tested everything from the hanging mechanism to the range of our shooter. We found what works and what needs improvement. Now we are working to make sure that everything will be competition ready.
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Team Meeting

Our team meets at the beginning and the end of our practices. These meetings help us understand what needs to be done and what everyone can help with. The meetings present a chance for team members to suggest ideas and give mentors a chance to nurture and grow these ideas. When mentors speak during our …

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Swerve Drive

Our swerve drive is a big part of our robot. It allows us to moves back and forth, along with left and right. This makes our bot very maneuverable. This year we created our own parts and built them ourselves.
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Pickup Mechanism

This is a prototype of our ball pickup mechanism. This is our first iteration, and already changes are being made. Soon we’ll have our final design!
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Sponsor Visit

Recently one of our very kind sponsors stopped in to see us. Encoders representative, Dave Wilson came to Gizmo and got to know the team. We took him on a tour of the workshops and gave him a run down on what our team is about. We are very thankful for EPC’s support and for …

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